As you told me that story I understood.

People can never really know what's going on in someone elses life and if they did, they might be less quick and harsh in their judgements.
I felt comforted that the unsaid thing was that your love for me didn’t know judgement. Like the mother, you knew what was going on in my life even if others (including myself sometimes) didn’t.

I was so overwhelmed that I became a little afraid and a lot untrusting.
I had to ask friends who knew you, what you were about.
One said knowingly, “He’s intense like that. He’s not scared to love.” And another warned me that others might not understand my relationship with you.
The biggest part of me felt unworthy of you and your attention and love. Why me? I knew I was erratic, confused and depressed.
My self-harming habit had me convinced I was an eyesore and I struggled to see what you found appealing about me.

You showed me one day...