The next morning you were there.

We went for a walk in the Botanic gardens where you showed me a sculpture that I had never stopped to appreciate.
It was called “The PeaceMaker”.
I felt like I was going to faint and gulped at air that didn’t feel there.
Surely you couldn’t be serious. Me? A PeaceMaker? You were telling me that I would be a PeaceMaker? I could only feel disbelief and anger at your cruelty. You were more aware than anyone how in turmoil I was. How could you tease me with the seed you planted that day of something that my heart and soul didn’t know it yearned for until that second.

I stormed away.

At my wishing sculpture, “Rudderstone” I put my knuckles out to either side, pressing hard, looking to the sky with tears in my eyes and a plug in my throat and prayed that you could be right. Desperately I wanted you to be right!