It's now six years since the first night I met you God.

On my darkest painting, just days before that memorable Easter nights dream, I'd written…

Today - the knowing little smile I wear is that of a woman wrapped securely in the Faith, Hope and Love you brought back to me. Peace by Peace.
My ‘place’ is now warm and comfortable, furnished with meaning and draped with colours of passion and depth.

I now know that you were the Man with the Feeling in all those dreams. And it was your presence I felt when I sat next to Andrew 30 years ago.
It's your belief in me, the way you kept coming back, the people you sent to help me that's uncovered and shown me who I am.

And you were right, I am a Peace-Maker.
With your help - I've made Peace with myself.

I also know that one day I'll come home to find my very own different-like-me boy sitting on my doorstep, waiting for me, just like you waited for me a-hundred-times-before…