Destiny... it not just a sweet sounding word that masks a myth?
Does it not hold us to ransom at every turn and dictate our emotional weather patterns?
Does it not scheme with our dreams to torment and belie?
Is our attachment to it not perverse?

When will we see that we're lusting after a non-thing?
Only Destiny knows itself and though it's ours, we're never to know it.
It wraps itself in elusiveness, dropping its threads of innuendo for buying time and if glimpsed, appears only as coat tails disappearing around the misty corner on a warm and drizzling evening.

And are we not a little afraid of Destiny?
Do we go chasing after those coat tails to see a face and demand a name?
If we did catch up with it, what would it say?

"You see...? I'm not so very exciting...I have'nt been worth the long chase, the missed opportunities, the doubt, the despair, the hope, the courage. I'm but a mysterious package with nothing inside...why do you think I've remained elusive? Why do you think I keep just out of your reach? Do you think you would've ever been satisfied by what you saw? Do you think that I don't see those dreams and expectations you have of me? Alas, I'm merely a fantasy and you'd do well to move on and forget me..."
Sweet're right - it's time for me to let you go.  To stop hounding you. I now take away all expectation. I've unfairly relied on you for too long, leaving me weak and misguided. I thank you for providing me with hope when I seemed to have none and for leading (dragging) me in a direction that's always been, if not clear, always forward.

I'm still in darkness and can't see the road ahead but somehow I'm now not in so much of a hurry and don't mind feeling my way.

Who knows when we'll meet again.
I hope it is late on a warm afternoon with reflection our companion, regret out of town for the weekend and peace the only light shining in our eyes.

D Drive - Greenhouse 2000