Moth To Your Flame

There is only a split second between not knowing
And knowing
And once you know
You can’t unknow

Yesterday I wanted to be your everything
But today I know that was yesterday
I came home and found your Butterfly
And understood it was the metaphor for why

We both have hues
But they’re out of tune
We both create
But can we co-create?

I feel taken over by
Your butterfly
If I knew who I was
There would be no loss

It’s your walk and talk
we talk and walk
Your future we plan
Your magic we work

I’ve seen what I’ve seen
And I’ve seen how green
I was to try
To be your Butterfly

Now that I have seen what I can’t unsee
I need me
I need to be free

I need to be uncluttered

I need light and air
To clean out my fear
I need a home and a path
To raise me at last

As hard as I tried
I couldn’t be your Butterfly
The closest I came
Was a Moth To Your Flame

Director Journal – April 2003